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About Page Authority Checker

How does Page Authority Checker work?

Page authority checker is a professional online SEO tool, design to help small and even larger online businesses. With the information of our tools, you will have a full report of all our website features like page score and its PA visibility. The main key factors that will help you get to first page and grow your audience and build the trust you need.


What is Page Authority?

Page Authority Checker or "PA" provides a score developed by MOZ that estimates how well you rank on search engines. It is like Domain Authority Checker. However, it estimates only on-page score. PA checker is using an algorithm that provides the user with best analysis of his ranking state.


How is Page Authority Checker scored?

Page Authority is scored between 1-100. If you are using Page Ranking Checker service, then you must know that a score from 70 to 80 is harder than from 20 to 30. For a better understanding you must first learn what makes “a good” PA.


Indicators of “a good” PA and page score

Page Authority Checker is a comparative tool. You should know your goals before using PA checker. One of the main factors of having a "good" or "bad" PA rank, if the link building strategy, mainly internal linking. Before this, it is important to know the general state of a link profile quality and volume, that affects the PA and page score.


Technical definition of Page Authority

Page Authority is defined as being a comparative algorithm of search engine data, that is specific to a single page. To count this score, Page Authority Checker takes in consideration over 40 key factors. Page Authority depends on the quality of page’s link profile in the first place. If there is a good well-source referring to your page, it is a sign of quality content for the search engines.


How do I influence Page Authority Checker?

Page Authority Checker is score according to a bunch of other scores. It is difficult to find the exact reason of the PA rank, but you can make predictions, and run experiments to improve your score. Google includes several criteria to rank your page, and all of them affect your score.

After you learn your Page Authority score, the right thing to do is to create order in your link building strategy. For the Page to have enough strong links to gain the page authority level you want. Remove links from untrustworthy websites. If you give 90% focus to these two factors, then you will be able to operate with PA score data correctly.